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08 January, 2015

Welcome Class of 2015

This class beat the record already! It’s the largest class and is made up of 92 people. We had a record amount of applicants, however due to physical space...

30 December, 2014

Trip to Cuba

“He made us a family, He made us friends, He gave us a new name; we are called – Christians!” My heart obtained a new meaning for these words in Cuba, from which...

30 December, 2014

SMBS Partners Dinner 2014

During this event, a presentation was given on the missionary work done in India, Tanzania, Ukraine, Russia, and in various other countries. We discussed how through...

30 December, 2014

Staff Retreat

Through the duration of this this trip, we not only had to settle administrative matters, we had to prepare for the biggest year in SMBS history.

09 October, 2014

TBS 2014

Many may think, “What can one month possibly do compared to years of my life?” Well, I assure you, this one month has changed many lives forever. The students that...

11 September, 2014

10th Year Anniversary

On June 7, 2014 we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. These ten years were filled with great moments. We faced adversity and struggles but at the same time, we...


I can say that this experience really changed my mindset and has really humbled me. I never really liked stepping outside of my comfort zone, but with these ministries I was able to do that and proclaim the Gospel to people I met for the first time, whether on the street or in grocery stores.

Billy Graham once said: "If I only had three years to live, I would dedicate two of those years to education!" I believe that education is a great privilege. In my vision, Slavic Missionary Bible School in Jacksonville, FL is a definite answer from God for our youth in the United States. For that, I thank God and also those that partake in this ministry with obedience to God.

I can honestly say TBS was a very life-impacting experience, and so this one month managed to become the best month of my life. If you’re planning to go to TBS or even thinking about it, don’t think too long on it but ask yourself an important question: do you want to make your summer memorable? Remember, you’re only given one life on earth, make the best of it!

Now at SMBS, I not only have a job, but I can do what I love, living out God’s call upon my life to serve people, as well as help students that are searching for God’s call upon their life. We are already planning the missionary trip for the summer and I believe that God will send us to the places of need and will help us pour our 100% to bring the Good news to those that are in great need of it. I have many dreams and desires but ahead of me goes my loving Father, who is able to give direction and help in fulfilling His will.

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October 30, 2015

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January 10 - June 10, 2016

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April 6 - April 9, 2015

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April 30, 2015

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June 21 - July 19, 2015

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The Slavic Missionary Bible School is a non-profit, Christian education center designed for the American Slavic community.


Many people wonder how a ministry such as SMBS can sustain itself.