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IDT is not just a program where you go through classes and lectures; it is an atmosphere of the presence of God, an environment that is filled with deep desire to know Christ more intimately and to be conformed to His image. It is a place where we seek the presence of God and are transformed by His powerful presence. We want to see you grow spiritually and become more and more Christ-like, and we will do our best to create an environment that will allow you to grow through experiences such as:

  • One on one mentoring and counseling with a godly person throughout the semester to help you become a spiritually mature disciple of Jesus.
  • Small group sessions where real life issues will be discussed.
  • Lecture sessions with a teacher who will challenge you to apply new principles in your everyday life and ministry.
  • Daily personal devotions and group prayers.
  • Supplemental learning through carefully selected Christian literature.
  • Personal and classroom Bible studies that will challenge you to apply Biblical truths in your life and teach them to others.
  • Fellowship with teachers and staff outside of class setting in order to learn from wise and godly people and develop lifelong friendships.

Conditions to receive a Diploma of Completion

  1. The student has to succeed academically in order to receive diploma.
  2. ALL assignments, exams, projects, practical experiences and forms must be submitted.
  3. The school holds the right to withhold a diploma from any student who receives three written rule violations or is caught cheating on exams or assignments.
  4. The school holds the right to withhold a diploma from any student who doesn’t show spiritual growth.

About IDT

This 15 week full time program is designed to guide you in cultivating your personal relationship with God, becoming a firm and committed disciple of Jesus Christ, and equipping you to disciple others.


Many people wonder how a ministry such as IDT can sustain itself.