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Below you can find a list of all the anointed teachers from many parts of the world that have thought at IDT. Their education and ministry experience are indispensable to our students. Not all of them will be teaching in the upcoming semester.

Roman Sheremeta

Cleveland, OH

  • Conversational Apologetics
  • Conflict Resolution

Vladimir Savchuk

West Pasco, WA

  • Leadership & Discipleship

Dennis Cochrane

Columbia, SC

  • World Missions

Gary Peterson

Orlando, FL

  • World Missions

Ying Kai

Austin, TX

  • T4T - Training for Trainers

Anatoliy Gorbun

Seattle, WA

  • Identity in Christ
  • Life of Faith

Vik Fomenko

Ventura, CA

  • Spiritual Disciplines

Leo Frank

Osnabrück, Germany

  • Calling

Russel Korrets

Everett, WA

  • Church
  • Counseling

Yuriy Bots

Kansas City, MO

  • Discipleship
  • Small Groups

Bogdan Bondarenko

Jacksonville, FL

  • Personal Relationship with God
  • Fasting

Slavik Cheban

Palm Coast, FL

  • Spiritual Formation

About IDT

This 15 week full time program is designed to guide you in cultivating your personal relationship with God, becoming a firm and committed disciple of Jesus Christ, and equipping you to disciple others.


Many people wonder how a ministry such as IDT can sustain itself.