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The following rules were designed so that each student is aware of the expectations that we place on them as they prepare themselves for Christian ministry.

IDT staff is concerned not only with academic performance but also with the Christian character development of each student. Please carefully read over and familiarize yourself with each rule before applying to IDT.


1. All students are required to obey the school's rules, regulations, and administration.

2. As Christians, students must respect the upbringing, views and opinions of others.

3. All students are required to be punctual and arrive on time to all in-school and after-school activities and events.

4. Students are required to attend ALL in-school and after-school activities. Attending the local church, Living Stream, is also mandatory.

5. Students will bear consequences for every complaint made against them outside of the school such as for misbehavior, inappropriate conversations, violation of dress code or any form of damages.


6. Students are not to disturb the discipline established by the instructor or by the administration.

7. Students are required to complete and submit all assignments given by the instructor or administration by the set deadline. Points will be deducted for all late submissions.

8. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited during class and church services. Cell phones are to be used ONLY during breaks.

9. Leaving the classroom during class time is not allowed. Students will have 10 minute breaks between class periods and one hour break for lunch.

10. Eating is strictly prohibited in the classroom. Drinks of any type must have a lid.

11. Class disruptions that are forbidden:

  • Talking and disturbing others during lectures.
  • Sleeping during lectures.
  • Listening to music during class.
  • Using ANY electronic devices during lectures.

12. Students are responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of the school building. Those on duty are responsible for the general cleanliness of the classroom, kitchen, and restrooms.

Dress code

13. Students must abide by the following dress code in school and in church:

*Ladies remember that modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue.
(1 Timothy 2:9)


  • Are not allowed to wear pants.
  • Skirts must be below the knee length and may not have a high slit.
  • Shirts must have sleeves. Absolutely no tank-tops, spaghetti straps or tube-tops for school, school activities, church, and church-related activities.
  • The neckline of any blouse or dress may not show cleavage.

*Gentlemen know that modesty does not only pertain to women, but it is important for our future leaders to observe modesty as well.


  • Must wear jeans, khaki pants, or dress pants. Absolutely no shorts, sports pants, or ripped jeans.
  • Shirts must have a collar. Absolutely no t-shirts or sleeveless shirts.
  • Headdress is prohibited indoors.

Both genders:

Throughout the semester, which includes school, school-related activities, church, at home or in the dorm house, students are not allowed:

  • To wear earrings, rings, extravagant decorations or any other type of jewelry.
  • To change their hair color or have eccentric hairstyles.
  • To wear colored nail polish.

14. Every Friday, students are to wear the school t-shirt which will be provided.

15. Students are required to wear their own name tags every day during class and may NOT write on them.

Housing & Transportation

16. Every student is responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of the room or dorm house, which they are provided to live in.

17. Lights must be out by 12AM to allow others to get rest.

18. Student must spend the night only in their assigned housing arrangement. Spending the night elsewhere is allowed only with the consent of the administration.

19. Organizing gatherings or parties without the approval of administration is strictly prohibited.

20. The maximum number of guests that are allowed in a dorm house is 8. They are not to stay past 11 pm on any given day.

21. Irresponsible/illegal operation of a vehicle is strictly prohibited. It endangers not only your life but those around you.

Christian Morals

22. During the course of the school semester, students are not allowed to date. This only distracts from your studies and the purpose of being here.

23. Conduct that is strictly prohibited between ladies and gentlemen:

  • Holding hands.
  • Sitting on each other's lap.
  • Hugging.
  • Kissing.
  • Giving massages.
  • Swimming together.
  • Having sexual relations.

24. Behavior that is strictly prohibited:

  • Use of vulgar words or expressions.
  • The use of physical force in resolving arguments.
  • Theft.
  • The use of alcohol.
  • The use of tobacco.
  • The use of recreational drugs or narcotics.

25. Students are not allowed to:

  • Listen to non-Christian music.
  • Watch movies that are unacceptable in Christian surroundings.
  • Visit pornography sites or inappropriate pages.
  • Practice witchcraft.

26. Cheating on exams and any other in-class or out-of-class assignments is strictly prohibited. Lying is unacceptable.

27. It is forbidden to post inappropriate pictures online during the school semester or missionary trip.

Financial Obligations

28. Students hold a financial obligation for any damages to school inventory, school or church property, place of lodging or school transportation.

29. The school does not bear any responsibility for medical costs associated with illness, medical condition, trauma, or automobile accident.

30. If a student withdraws from school for any reason or if the student is expelled, he/she will not receive a tuition refund.

Disciplinary Actions

31. If a student demonstrates inappropriate behavior, the school administration reserves the right to deny him/her of being part of an IDT missionary team, and will not be responsible for any financial losses that may come as a result.

32. For every violated rule or regulation, the student will face appropriate disciplinary actions. Once the student receives a written warning, parents will be notified. The written warning will be permanently placed in the student's file. After receiving three written warning, the school reserves the right to expel the student without a tuition refund. Administration has the right to contact the student's home church leaders.

33. Remember that in the case of outright violation of Christian morals and Biblical principles with behavior such as fornication, deceit, theft, alcohol, tobacco and drug use, the administration reserves the right to expel offenders immediately, without warning and tuition refund.

About IDT

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