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Much thought and prayer was invested in developing a curriculum that would allow students to gain Biblical knowledge, develop a personal relationship with God, learn to serve others, and prepare for missions.

Below are some of the major highlights:

  • Intensive 5 month program lasting from January to June.
  • Classes are held Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • A short term missionary trip during the course.
  • Methods of teaching include: lectures, exams, group work, presentations, literature reading, and a wide variety of practical activities that allow students to gain ministry experience.


In-class Lectures

Teaching is done in a lecture style with a wide use of multimedia totaling approximately 700 hours. Students have the privilege of gaining knowledge from a new instructor each week which adds variety and diversity.
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Group Presentations

The class is divided into small groups and given a choice of topics for their presentation. The presentation must last 50 minutes and follow specific guidelines with each student taking an active role in participation.
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Video School

Once a week, along with the teacher's classroom lectures, students obtain additional knowledge through our unique video school program. It includes various films, documentaries, and talk shows. This resource prepares them for evangelizing, mission trips, and expands their overall worldview.


Each Monday, students will have an exam on the content that was presented the prior week. Questions will be available in only in English in multiple choice, short answer, and fill in the blank formats.


Good Deeds

A vital part of the SMBS curriculum is to help students develop sensitivity to the needs of others. Once a month, throughout the semester, students are required to find people with a need and respond to it by serving them practically. Students are given specific instructions and guidelines necessary to complete this assignment.

Jail Ministry

Our purpose is not just to give students the Biblical knowledge necessary for ministry, but also to provide the opportunity to learn to witness to people of different backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and age groups. We have developed a close relationship with our local juvenile detention center where local young people, under the age of 19 are detained. Our students go there prepared with skits, songs and powerful personal testimonies. Students learn to witness to young people on a personal level, pray for them, build relationships and call them to repentance.
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Homeless Shelters

Another method of witnessing and serving the community involves weekly visits to the local homeless shelters where students help prepare and distribute dinners. In addition, students have the opportunity to sing, share testimonies, witness, and pray for the homeless men and women.
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Nursing Homes

Often, the older population feels neglected and alone. With this in mind, SMBS students visit local nursing homes to spend time with the elderly living there. Students take time to talk about the Word of God, sing, organize events, listen and provide encouragement.

Street Evangelism

The class is divided into teams that take turns going into the streets of Jacksonville where they witness to people about God. This personal evangelism method, gives them the opportunity to not only tell unbelievers about Christ, but also gain experience and confidence which are crucial for work in the missionary field.
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Student Prayer

Students also have weekly group prayers, where they uplift each other, pray for needs, and have fellowship. Moreover, we strongly believe in developing a strong personal relationship with God; therefore, students have the opportunity to participate in a program that requires them to spend at least one hour daily in personal prayer and devotion.

Student Church

Along with a wide variety of practical experiences, SMBS offers students the opportunity to lead weekly student church services. They are divided into teams and are responsible for conducting a service from beginning to end.


All students partake in choir and attend weekly rehearsals where they are exposed to music appreciation and vocal training. The choir will participate in local church events and take trips to different churches in various states throughout the term.
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Daily Bible Reading

Since the foundation of our school is the living Word of God, all students are encouraged to study the Bible on a deeper and more personal level. Each student is required to read a minimum of three chapters of the Bible daily.

Weekly Bible Verse

Key Bible verses are assigned to be memorized weekly which develops the ability to speak the Word of God from memory.

Literature Reading and Book Report

The curriculum includes reading and reflecting on Christian literature. Each student is required to purchase and read an approved Christian book throughout the semester. They will then need to write a detailed reflection and analysis of the book. View List of SMBS Books.


Bible Quiz

Developing a discipline and passion for reading and studying the Word of God is one of the core goals of SMBS. In reaching this goal, the school administration uses a variety of methods. One of these methods is the Victory Bible Quiz, which is conducted annually on the school campus. The quiz is conducted in a very contemporary game show style with a host and an audience. It is based on a book of the Bible that students are given ahead of time to study. The students not only have a great opportunity to deepen and test their knowledge, but also to receive a monetary reward for first and second places to use toward the missionary trip. The Bible Quiz is a bright and memorable project, which leaves an impression on both the participants and the viewers.
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Missionary Preparation Course

This unique course was designed by SMBS to provide students with as much resources as possible for missions. It includes one week of classroom instruction and one week of training outdoors where missionary conditions are simulated. The content of this course includes descriptions of living conditions on the missionary field, cultural variations, local customs, a large variety of practical methods for evangelizing, team dynamics, personal testimonies of current and previous missionaries and many other tips that are necessary for effectively conducting work on the missionary field.

Choir Bus Trip

Students take trips to other churches in various cities and states to serve and encourage other Christians to get involved in missions and ministry. They travel in a charter bus, participate in church services, have great fellowship with the local youth, meet many new friends and get a chance to sightsee the US. One 2-3 week trip across the country is taken per semester.
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Car Wash

The main purpose of this project is to help raise funds for missions. Car washes at SMBS are very unique and exciting events. Dressed in SMBS t-shirts, with signs in hand, students encourage people to get a car wash. While washing cars, we offer refreshing drinks, provide an overview of the missionary trip, and share our personal testimonies. This is one of the best ways to witness to people and to raise funds.
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Church Services

A required part of the school curriculum is the attendance of the local “Living Stream Church” for personal encouragement and fellowship with local Christians. Students take part in both the church and youth services by preaching, singing, and sharing testimonies.

Talent Show

One evening in the semester is devoted to allowing students to show their talents and unique abilities in the areas of art, music, and drama.
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Due to the intensity of the school program, it's hard to find much free time; however, when the opportunity arises, students enjoy playing soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Courts and fields are located on campus.

Holy Land

One of our traditions is to take an exciting trip with the class to Holy Land Experience, a Christian theme park where the Scriptures come alive. It brings together the sights and sounds of the world of the Bible in a unique and interactive way unlike anywhere else.
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Upon successful completion of the program and the satisfaction of all the necessary requirements, students are granted a Diploma of Completion. Graduation is an exciting and big event at SMBS. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in each of the graduates' lives. Many guests and parents from all over the United States join us for this special time.
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Biblical Studies

  • Bibliology
  • Survey of New Testament
  • Survey of Old Testament
  • Hermeneutics

Doctrinal & Historical Theology

  • Biblical Theology
  • Apologetics
  • Angelology & Demonology
  • Pneumatology
  • Church History
  • Ecclesiology
  • Eschatology
  • Christian Ethics
  • Christian Psychology

Missions & Evangelism

  • Methods of Evangelism
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Practical Missionary Prep Course
  • World Missions & Church Planting
  • World Religions

Ministerial Studies

  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Homiletics
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Preparation for Ministry
  • Christian Counseling
  • Effective Ministry in Postmodern Society
  • Prayer & Fasting


  • Children's Ministry
  • Youth/Teens Ministry
  • Marriage and Family
  • Drama Ministry
  • Choir
  • Fund Raising methods

Practical Ministry Courses

  • Street Evangelism
  • Homeless Shelter Ministry
  • Jail Ministry
  • Good Deeds Ministry
  • Childrens/Teens Camp Intership
  • Missionary Trip

*Courses might not be offered based on instructors availability.

About SMBS Ministries

The Slavic Missionary Bible School is a non-profit, Christian education center designed for the American Slavic community.


Many people wonder how a ministry such as SMBS can sustain itself.