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Our goal is to help you grow spiritually, obtain a firm foundation, and develop a strong love for God and people. While going through this growing process and adapting to a new environment far from your family, it is our sincere desire that you would feel supported and encouraged.


Throughout the learning process, there might come a time when you will be in need of advice, encouragement, or counseling of a spiritual leader. We would like you to know that there are trustworthy people available to listen, offer support, and pray for you individually.

Fundraising Classes

Often you wonder where will you get finances to go on a mission trip. Besides praying for God to provide, you will be able to attend classes that will show you numerous effective methods that will enable you to raise money for your missionary trip, your group and specific missionary projects.

Financial Assistance

One excellent way to receive individual financial assistance of up to $2,000 is to study the Word of God and participate in the Victory Bible Quiz. First place winners receive $1,300 and second prize winners receive $700 that can be applied towards their missionary trip.

The second option is to apply for a scholarship. If you have a strong desire to attend SMBS yet do not have the resources to do so, we would like to offer you the opportunity to apply for a scholarship by filling out a Scholarship Application. There are a limited number of scholarships available and will be based on financial need, your goals, recommendations, and application info.

Live Streaming

Don't forget to let your family and friends know that they can see you online weekly by watching our church services and SMBS special events. The Living Stream Church website is: www.lscjax.org


Orientation is mandatory for all enrolled students. The purpose of orientation is to thoroughly familiarize the students with the program, our policies, schedules, extracurricular activities, special events and staff. Orientation will be held Sunday, January 6, 2019 at 5:00pm. Duration: 3 hours.

About SMBS Ministries

The Slavic Missionary Bible School is a non-profit, Christian education center designed for the American Slavic community.


Many people wonder how a ministry such as SMBS can sustain itself.