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SMBS Experience

David Timoshenko

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

SMBS Student 2008

Aleksander Shevchenko

Sacramento, California

SMBS Instructor

Billy Graham once said: "If I only had three years to live, I would dedicate two of those years to education!" I believe that education is a great privilege. I have always liked to learn and still continue to educate myself by spending a great deal of time reading. Therefore, I strongly recommend to always be a part of the education process especially to the Russian speaking guys and girls, brothers and sisters, particularly when there is such an outstanding school, with such an exceptional atmosphere and with distinguished teachers who come from different countries and states.

The teachers are goal oriented and dedicate their time to explaining Biblical doctrines, principles, and views. The knowledge gained, will expand your worldview and horizons. You will receive an immense amount of fascinating and valuable information, which you would not have been able to obtain if you remained in one, unchangeable atmosphere. In my vision, Slavic Missionary Bible School in Jacksonville, FL is a definite answer from God for our youth in the United States. For that, I thank God and also those that partake in this ministry with obedience to God.

Natalie Globak

Portland, Oregon

SMBS Student 2007

Roman Sheremeta

Parma, OH

SMBS/TBS Instructor

Young people need to be ready for the last days.
We live in the last days. These are the days in which evil has multiplied (2 Timothy 3:1-5) and we see how hard it has become for young people to remain faithful to the Lord. These are also the days in which God has promised to pour out His Spirit on young people (Acts 2:17). The question is how can we raise a young generation filled with His Spirit when there is so much evil in the last days? The answer is in the Bible: “How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to Your Word” (Psalm 119:9). The knowledge of the Word of God is essential for young people who live in the last days. However, it is very challenging to train young people, especially in the modern world of technology and constant distractions. Nevertheless, for several years, the Teen Bible School (TBS) has been successful in reaching out to teenagers in the Slavic community and teaching them how to live according to biblical principles.
TBS provides a unique opportunity for teenagers to study the Bible in a safe environment under the supervision of excellent instructors and leaders. I have personally witnessed how God is using TBS to raise up a new generation who will be ready to face the challenges of the last days. Working with teenagers is not easy. However, while teaching the course of apologetics at TBS I was inspired by other instructors and leaders because I saw their passion for the Lord and full commitment to teach Slavic youth to obey the Word of God. At the same time, I saw the hunger of young people to learn about God and to know Him personally. Excellent instructors and eager students create a unique environment at TBS for a great learning experience. I believe students who choose to go to the TBS will be well prepared to face the challenges of this changing world.

Svetlana Gulchuk

Prokhory, Ukraine

SMBS Student 2010 / Full-Time Missionary

Viktor Koroteyev

Vancouver, Washington

SMBS Instructor

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The Slavic Missionary Bible School is a non-profit, Christian education center designed for the American Slavic community.


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