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We believe our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to build relationships with the local population by showing love and care, providing humanitarian aid, and finding ways to reach out to them and ultimately leading them to Jesus Christ. This is not easily done because not only is there a range in age groups and variations in culture, but also religion can vary from Orthodox to Islam. Nevertheless, we embrace the challenge, which often includes rejection and even persecution, in order to reach people with the gospel.

These are the following ways we serve and share
the gospel and love of Jesus with the world

Childrens Ministry

Children's programs are a great opportunity to witness to the young generation, who in turn will reach out to their parents. The missionaries spend time getting to know the children by showing them love, care and affection, which most don't receive at home. They play games, make arts and crafts, and lead activities with kids of all ages but most importantly, we concentrate on telling the children that they have hope for a better life through Jesus Christ. This is done through puppet shows, skits, flannel board presentations, and practical Bible lessons. We have had a group of students travel across Ukraine, organizing Christian camps for children in various towns and cities, bringing the love of Jesus to the children.

Youth Ministry

Reaching out to the local youth is important to our teams. The missionaries organize sporting events with the teenagers, which give them the opportunity of gain better acquaintance. They are later invited for fellowship at the missionaries homes and bonfires. They plan nature outings, camping and fishing trips and other various activities. Usually, the young people have many unanswered questions about religion and God. This gives us the opportunity to direct them to Jesus and show them that a relationship with Christ is at the core of the meaning of life. Many of our groups have started youth clubs. They obtain an old building and remodel it in a young contemporary style. They host many youth events and activities, in an attempt to show young people that there is an alternative to drugs, alcohol and partying. These christian based clubs have been very successful in providing an environment where youth can freely ask questions about Jesus and the gospel.

Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian aid can be broken down into several key points, but it is the most effective method, because we are able to show the love of Christ practically to those who need it most. Upon arrival to a village, if the government is willing, our group obtains the lists of people who are most in need; this includes the elderly, sick, orphans, and broken families. Help is shown by buying food for the poor, visiting the elderly and sick ones, and giving a helping hand to anyone who asks. These kinds of actions shock the local villagers, because all of the work is done voluntarily and free of charge. They wonder who we are and why we spend so much of our time and finances to help them. We, in turn, embrace this opportunity to tell them about Christ and the plan of salvation.

The Jesus Film & Gospel Films

Another effective method of evangelizing is by hosting Christian movie nights. Each group has necessary video equipment. Almost all locals look forward to such an event, and many even invite friends and family members from neighboring villages. A movie is shown with a deep spiritual meaning and the missionaries do not miss the chance to spread the word of God.

Caring for Orphans

In addition, SMBS has partnered with Agape Ministries to serve in orphanages. We send our students to various orphanages across the Ukraine, where they live with the orphans. These young children, who practically have no one, are amazed that people would sacrifice so much for them. They long for attention and love. Most of the kids have horrific pasts and bleak, hopeless futures. Our desire is to show them that there is good in this world and that eternal hope can be found in Jesus Christ.


Most groups put forth much effort into organizing Evangelisms and music concerts. The members invite as many people as possible through advertisements such as flyers, posters, and door to door invitations. Sometimes, a Christian singing group from a nearby city is invited to lead the concert. Other times, the students themselves have to prepare the entire program. Either way, the locals have the opportunity to hear the Gospel through songs and testimonies.

English Lessons

If the a team has the resources and capability, they can organize English lessons. This is a very practical method and is extremely attractive to the local population. The missionaries use the Bible to teach the language, thus sowing seeds of faith into the lives of many and pray that the locals also taste and see how good the Lord is. Our missionaries prepare several months worth of free English classes and they advertise locally, inviting all to attend. They are able to connect with both young and old through this ministry. After classes are over some of the participants express interest in our missionaries, asking where they are from and what compels them to serve in this way. This give our students an opportunity to share their faith, beliefs and convictions with those in attendance.

Mobile Medical Clinic

One of new and very effective ways of evangelical ministry of SMBS is working together with Mobile Medical Clinic. Very often in small villages people do not have access to quality medical assistance since there are no hospitals or clinics. A great team, which includes doctors, exhorters, consultants, volunteers, come to a certain place and help all sorts of people during a three day stay. The way the clinic ministry is setup is that in addition to medical exam and a consultation visitors can hear about the Heavenly Doctor and Savior who could heal the body and soul.

Through methods such as these, the missionaries are able to show the love of God. It doesn't take the villagers long to realize that there is something different about these people. They wonder who we are and marvel that everything is done free of cost. We grasp this opportunity to share the reason behind our service, Jesus Christ!

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