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14 April, 2017

Overview of First Quarter in SMBS 2017

72 students: 35 girls and 37 guys became SMBS students in 2017. Students came from all over the USA, Ukraine and Germany. The majority of the students are from Washington State this year.

12 April, 2017

SMBS Present New Music Video Clip

In early March 2017, Slavic Missionary Biblе School in Florida, presented its first music video for the song "Our Father". This is a hymn to Almighty God, a declaration of love for Him and a willingness to follow His will everywhere and always.

04 May, 2016

"Be the Change" Conference is Coming Up!

“Be The Change” Conference is an annual conference hosted by SMBS Ministries that unites hundreds of youth, families, and missionaries across the US. The purpose of this conference is to encourage every person to stop living for themselves and to “be the change” in the lives of others. Don’t miss this exciting event that takes place in Jacksonville, Florida. The weekend is filled with exciting events including water baptism on the beach, SMBS Graduation, special speakers, worship bands, SMBS choir and much more.

02 February, 2016

Welcome SMBS Class of 2016!

This year 74 students came together in one place from several countries to study in Slavic Missionary Bible school. We are so pleased to accept students from...

01 February, 2016

The Very 1st Class of IDT Graduated this Fall!

In August 2015, eighteen students, from across the country, began the Intensive Discipleship Training. This 15-week full time program was designed...

22 June, 2015

Welcome TBS Class 2015

For the 5th year in the row, TBS is providing bible classes for teens all of the United States and beyond...

07 June, 2015

SMBS is over, now its time for missions!

This year over 80 people attended SMBS 2015, 60 of those students are participating in missions in 9 different countries. 12 teams will travel thousands of miles to share the gospel, hope and love of Jesus to the lost. The first group leaves exactly 12 hours after graduation. Young men and women have answer the call to go to Tanzania, El Slavador, Ukraine, Russian, Hungary, Kenya, Japan, Nepal and India...

06 June, 2015

Be the Change 2015 SMBS Conference

Be the Change Conference has definitely been a blessing to many of those who came and watched online. We are thankful to God for His guidance and presence! Read further to find out some interesting facts...

08 January, 2015

Welcome Class of 2015

This class beat the record already! It’s the largest class and is made up of 92 people. We had a record amount of applicants, however due to physical space limitations, we were not able to accept any more students.

30 December, 2014

Trip to Cuba

“He made us a family, He made us friends, He gave us a new name; we are called – Christians!” My heart obtained a new meaning for these words in Cuba, from which we recently returned.

30 December, 2014

SMBS Partners Dinner 2014

During this event, a presentation was given on the missionary work done in India, Tanzania, Ukraine, Russia, and in various other countries. We discussed how through Gods help, we were able to serve in anti-Christian locations and how we were able to hold three water baptisms in Cuba.

30 December, 2014

Staff Retreat

Through the duration of this this trip, we not only had to settle administrative matters, we had to prepare for the biggest year in SMBS history.

09 October, 2014

TBS 2014

Many may think, “What can one month possibly do compared to years of my life?” Well, I assure you, this one month has changed many lives forever. The students that come to Teens Bible School are at an age where many of them are still discovering themselves; they have many unanswered questions, while some are looking for guidance and direction, and still others may think they found their path- but it’s not necessarily the right one.

11 September, 2014

10th Year Anniversary

On June 7, 2014 we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. These ten years were filled with great moments. We faced adversity and struggles but at the same time, we witnessed miracles and God’s helping hand. Most importantly, it was our immense joy to see the lives of young people change as they discovered their calling and deepened their relationship with God.

20 January, 2014

Slavic Theological Seminary

For the first time on January 12, 2014, Living Stream Church and Slavic Missionary Bible School began offering courses towards a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Theology from The Slavic Theological Seminary (STS) in Jacksonville, FL. This is a separate program from SMBS, IDT, TBS. A Bachelors and Masters Degree in Theology is only towards the STS program.

08 January, 2014

Pressing On In Znamenivka

Over forty missionaries have gone through Znamenivka, both from Ukraine and the United States, since June 2012, when the first SMBS group arrived.

07 January, 2014

Welcome SMBS Class of 2014

January 6th, 2014 began a new chapter in so many young lives that arrived to Jacksonville, Florida from all over the United States, Germany and even Latvia.

20 December, 2013

SMBS Staff Retreat

We all live busy lives and tend to get lost in to-do lists, schedules and calendars. It's easy to lose perspective amongst the various tasks that daily demand our attention.

15 November, 2013

Partners Dinner

On November 10, 2013, an annual partners' dinner event was held by Slavic Missionary Bible School to show the appreciation for all the prayers and financial support.

12 November, 2013

SMBS Missions 2013

Jesus came to Earth to serve, not to be served. Following His example, our graduates have also gone to different parts of Ukraine, Russian & Cuba.

18 October, 2013

Teachers Conference

The 2nd Annual Conference for Sunday School Teachers was held on October 11-12, 2013 at Living Stream Church, Jacksonville, FL.

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