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Be the Change Conference has definitely been a blessing to many of those who came and watched online. We are thankful to God for His guidance and presence, for the friendships made, lives impacted and souls restored. So many people were touched by the event, and by the word spoken. However, the topic was not only addressed from the stage, but it also became alive in small coffee shop conversations, big lunch discussions, inspiring testimonies in the fellowship hall and quick updates at the information booth. Everyone who came knew exactly what it was all about.

The speakers made a major contribution to bringing the idea of Watching Ones Life to existence. Starting from Bogdan Bondarenko who spoke about watching yourself and the teaching of Mike Khochay who expanded on the importance and passion of this generation to be touched by the power of God – to truly see a divine movement. Alex Shevchenko closed off with the reality of putting away our version of the truth and to seek the real truth that is only found in the Word of God.

For the first time, worship was lead by SMBS Students only. God’s anointing was evident in every corner of the sanctuary – people crying out to God, praising His name, lifting their hands to sing of His glory. One could not simply walk by without being moved and consumed into worship.

But the most powerful part of the entire conference was witnessing God move along the rows of the sanctuary, filling the altar with hearts that were ready for a change – that were ready to commit to something greater. The building was full of people breaking down and humbling their lives before the Lord, receiving His forgiveness, renewal, help and His restoration. We are thankful to our Almighty, All-powerful Heavenly Father for such beautiful time!

And of course we couldn’t forget to mention our faithful volunteers. This year, there were over 100 volunteers who served before, during and after Be the Change Conference. We are beyond thankful for every single person who took part in this event, because of our faithful volunteers everything went smoothly and our many guests were blessed by this conference. We hope to see you all next year!

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