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Discipleship is something that is essential for every Christian to follow. Jesus commissioned all His followers to go and make disciples. There has been a need for discipleship within the Slavic community and for the first year Intensive Discipleship Training (IDT) was started in Jacksonville, FL.


In August 2015, eighteen students, from across the country, began the Intensive Discipleship Training. This 15-week full time program was designed to guide individuals in building a deeper relationship with God, and discovering their identity and calling in Christ. The goal of this program is to equip students to become disciples and to be able to bear fruit and disciple others.


The students start each day with one hour of uninterrupted devotion where they engage in prayer, worship and reading the Word of God on their own, spending time one on one with God. In addition to personal devotions, every day the students gather for corporate worship and prayer. For the first part of the day, students learn from teachers who share their knowledge and experience on spiritual topics and give practical examples of how to incorporate the knowledge into everyday life. Every week the students get the privilege to invite the teacher for dinner and engage and learn more from the teacher’s experience in a casual atmosphere. Students develop leadership skills and learn to lead small groups by participating in bible studies, small group studies, and regularly read spiritual literature. Another vital part of the discipleship program is the mentoring system that is set up to help guide students in their walk with Christ and equip them with skills to mentor others. Each week the students meet with a mentor for one hour where the mentors offer practical advice and spiritual support in prayer as they discuss the student’s personal spiritual growth. On the second week of training students went on a retreat to the mountains to build relationship with each other and their mentors. God has been working in every student’s life and has been radically transforming them. Every student shared amazing testimony how God has been answering their prayers and changing their lives. They have built strong spiritual relationships with one another and spiritually encourage each other in fellowship. At the start of the program, as the students shared their unique testimonies, it became evident that God Himself, in a miraculous way, has brought each individual to IDT with a burning passion for a deeper relationship with Christ.


On December 11th, 2015 the students invited their close friends and family to celebrate the graduation of their program. It was a very warm family atmosphere filled with love and joy. The students shared their testimonies on how God has transformed them in IDT as well as what they plan to do after IDT. The mentors also shared their experience in IDT and said their encouraging farewells.


IDT was a life changing experience for every student. Throughout this program many students were able to discover the calling that God has on their life. Some students stayed to minister full time at Slavic Missionary Bible School. Some students departed for a couple months to go away on a missionary trip to Africa. Some students joined teens ministry at their local church. Over all and most importantly, the students are pouring out into others what they have learned in IDT. They arrived as just plain students and left the program as fully equipped disciples that are called to go and preach the gospel across all nations. . This fifteen-week program was designed to do just that – help students grow intimate in their relationship with Christ and learn how to disciple others upon completion of the program. Students describe this program as very powerful and encouraging.

  • “This program is helping me become a better parent” Mike
  • “This program has helped me through prayer and study of the word, be more sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.”- Tonya
  • “I have learned to hear Gods voice and discover my identity and calling in Christ. IDT has helped me mature spiritually and fall deeper in love with God. “– Veronika
  • “Going through this program I have started to see Gods love for me, that He desires poured out into others.”- Elijah
  • “I have learned to hear Gods voice through His Word.”- Lily
  • “Throughout IDT I am experiencing God working in my life directly though the time spent with Him in prayer and bible-intake and indirectly through people around me that support and encourage me to seek and spend time with Him.” – Yevgeniy
  • “Devotions has helped me to seek God for who He really is and not for what your culture makes you think He is.” – Julia
  • “Throughout this program, God is showing me the purpose and calling for my life.” – Andrew
  • “I love the honesty and openness the teachers share from their personal life experiences.”- Julie

About SMBS Ministries

The Slavic Missionary Bible School is a non-profit, Christian education center designed for the American Slavic community.


Many people wonder how a ministry such as SMBS can sustain itself.