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Over forty missionaries have gone through Znamenivka, both from Ukraine and the United States, since June 2012, when the first SMBS group arrived. The work has been continuing year-round and the group has been actively engaging with the community. The missionaries visit the elderly, sick and needy. One Way Kids Club was opened two months ago where kids come two times a week to learn songs, play games, do arts and crafts, watch movies and listen to bible lessons. During the evening of “Znamenivka Got Talent” many local children and youth were able to participate by demonstrating their talents. Most importantly, missionaries had an opportunity to get to know those who attended more on a personal level.

For New Year’s Eve, a night of worship and testimonies was conducted with the help of some fellow Christians from Novomoskovsk and Dniprodershunsk. Five non-believers attended the event. A Christmas service was conducted on January 5th with guests from Gubinikha, Tomakivka and Novomoskovsk. Eighteen children received Christmas presents. Some of the participants were the kids who attended One Way Club that came to sing a few songs at the church meeting.

Partnering with some local stores in Znamenivka, the missionaries put together 33 presents containing food and other household items for the sick and the elderly. On January 6, they reached out to 52 homes, giving out all the presents, singing Christmas carols, and sharing a message about the birth of Jesus Christ. Most people welcomed missionaries with open hearts and invited them to come again. One surprised grandma exclaimed, “It’s the first time I see normal youth!” Sadly a lot of young people are living unhealthy lives, drinking, smoking, and using drugs, because of that, many of our missionaries are there to show that there is a better way. Many young people have been reached with a Gospel message. Several have been saved and have been baptized with the Holy Spirit. It is difficult for them because they have to be different from everybody else, so please keep them in your prayers.

Currently the mission is working on building a church in the community. The project is under way. Land has been purchased for $7,200 and wood was purchased for $9,600, however, an estimated $50,000 is still essential to complete this project. Please pray that God will provide the necessary finances.

We are currently looking for volunteers and challenge you to take this great opportunity to get away from home and invest your time into ministry in a place where you can grow spiritually, reach the lost, and help us build the church. Please contact us for more information about how you can join our team!

Solid Rock Mission Director
Slavik Golovatyuk

Local Coordinator
Lilya Prokopchuk

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