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In early March 2017, Slavic Missionary BiblŠµ School in Florida, presented its first music video for the song "Our Father". This is a hymn to Almighty God, a declaration of love for Him and a willingness to follow His will everywhere and always.

The students of SMBS performed the song; they are the main singers/performers of the clip. We would like to emphasize that it is the singers are students because the main storyline of the video story is built around real missionary work of these and past students. The head of this project was Inna Nesterchuk (Aleksienko), the former choir director of the school.

We have been watching SMBS for a long time and do so with excitement pleasure. The school works persistently and fruitfully, training and equipping missionaries so that they can carry the gospel and help where it needs the most.

One focus of gears in missionary works happens through the gift of glorifying the Lord with music and songs. It is a unique language of communication, which is understandable where words are powerless. If music comes from the heart and in the Spirit, it always affects people, regardless of national or linguistic and accessories.

The clip was in the works for a long time, as its composers tried to live the lyrics of the song, accompanying the singing of the soloists with their real missionary activities in Africa, Ukraine and other countries. Although it was not without difficulties, as for filming the group and choral singers, they were given only two days with just a few days of preliminary preparation. This included the team gathering, rehearsals and searching for shooting site, which was changed three times by unexpected circumstances.

The video was sincere and inspirational. Such a true hymn of missionaries, lit by the fire of God's love and ready to carry it all over the face of the earth.
This clip should be watched by everyone and everyone as a reminder that there is no greater mission and vocation for those who call themselves Christian than to bear Christ to those who do not know Him.

Material prepared by: Elena Prikhodko and Elena Nikitskaya

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