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Graduation does not mark the end of a graduate's learning experience but it is only the beginning, a chance to put all their knowledge into practice. Slavic Missionary Bible School has sent over 400 missionaries to Ukraine, Russia, Tajikistan, Croatia, Cuba, Tanzania, India, Kenya and other countries throughout the past ten years, with approximately 40 - 60 young people going each year.

We believe it is our responsibility to fulfill the great commission which is to preach the gospel to all nations and to make disciples of everyone that listens and makes that decision to follow Jesus.

Local Missions/Outreach

Preparation for missions begins the day that the students step into the classroom. Multiple courses on practical theory are heard throughout the entire semester including Evangelism, Missions, Apologetics, World Religions and many more. We believe that before one can cross the ocean, he must be willing to cross the street.

There are so many people in need of Christ in our cities and we focus on local ministry through the duration of the semester. Students learn to seek out people in need of help in the local church and the community. Every week they hit the streets to minister and pray for people downtown, at the beach and at local shopping centers.

A team of students is chosen to minister at the juvenile detention center, speaking to many young teens that have already made wrong choices in their lives. Visiting nursing homes, serving food at the local rescue missions and passing out food to the homeless in the streets are several other ministries our students are involved in throughout the semester. Its our desire that these outreaches will prepare them by giving them experience and confidence that is crucial on the mission field.

International Missions

The duration of international missions varies for each student. Most teams are sent to serve for one to three months and some individuals dedicate up to six months to missions. There are even those that have committed their whole lives to missions and are still serving to this day. The experience of life on missions is life-changing. Not many students return unchanged, most return home with a different perspective on life. After receiving a taste of purpose and calling many find it difficult to go back to an ordinary life and continue their lives as missionaries at home and abroad.

Our students are divided into small groups of approximately 6 - 8 members each. Throughout the semester, the groups have time for preparation. There are churches, organizations and even individual missions that reach out to us, asking to send them missionaries. We get many requests every year and prayerfully consider each one evaluating the need of the location and the resources and abilities of our students before preparing and sending a team out. They prepare testimonies, sermons, songs, skits, and children's programs in order to immediately begin their work upon arrival to their mission location. We connect with existing Christians to bring people to Christ in order to build up the church, plant new churches and connect local pastors to new believers.

If you would like to invite our Missionary Team to help you do ministry in your country please fill out the "Missions Team Invitation" form.

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God is seeking dedicated young people who are willing to leave the comforts of home to serve those desperately in need of the gospel. If you feel God is calling you to missions please consider joining us.

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Graduation does not mark the end of a graduate's learning experience but it is only the beginning, a chance to put all their knowledge into practice.


Many people wonder how a ministry such as IDT can sustain itself.