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# Autor Description Language
1 Viktor Lebedev Bibliology: Study of the Bible, Survey of the New Testament In Russian
2 Pavel Zhelnovakov Ecclesiology: Study of the Church, Biblical Dedication In Russian
3 Vitaliy Bondarenko Foundation of Leadership In Russian
4 Viktor Koroteyev Homiletics: Introduction to Preaching In Russian
5 Yuriy Pavlenko Prayer and Fasting In Russian
6 Daniel Kalinovsky Spiritual Formation: Calling, Character, Will of God, Fear of God, Personal Evangelism In Russian
7 Viktor Kurylenko Pneumatology: Study of the Holy Spirit, Angelology and Demonology: Study of Angels and Demons In Russian
8 Bogdan Bondarenko Spiritual Formation: Personal Relationship with God, Victorious Life In Russian
9 Peter Pipchenko Faith and Science, The Christian and Finances, Survey of the Old Testament, Spiritual Formation: Overcoming Temptations, Spiritual Nutrition In Russian
10 Overcoming Temptations Spiritual Nutrition In Russian
11 Anatoliy Klinovskiy Theology: Study of God, Eschatology: Study of End Times In Russian
12 Sergey Vinkovskiy Counseling, Stages of Spiritual Growth, Dating and Marriage In Russian
13 Vasiliy Papirnik The Book of Judges and the Modern Christian In Russian
14 Viktor Voznyuk Evangelism and Discipleship In Russian
15 Russell Korets Effective Ministry in the Postmodern Society In English
16 Aleksandr Shevchenko Preparation for Ministry In Russian
17 Konstantin Malkov World Religions In Russian
18 Vladimir Franchuk Missiology: Study of Missions, Introduction to Evangelism In Russian
19 Lilia Soroka Children’s Ministry In Russian
20 Dale Yerton Spiritual Formation: King David’s Life In English
21 George Davidiuk Preparation for Ministry and Spiritual Formation In English
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