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Sermon Title
1. Why does God react differently to the same situation?
2. My character, God and I.
3. Why attend church?
4. Why fast?
5. The most popular “Christian sin.”
6. Learn to accept both the good and the bad.
7. Hospitality.
8. The school of solitude.
9. Do I have to tithe?
10. The terms and conditions of progress.
11. When you are misunderstood.
12. Rest in God.
13. Envy.
14. The steps of following Christ.
15. What spirit are you of?
16. The process of salvation for the saved.
17. Renewal.
18. Issues of the heart.
19. Honor your pastor.
20. The desire to repent is not enough.
21. The will of God.
22. Personal relationship with God .
23. Hope in God.
24. Double life. (In English)

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