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Teens Bible School curriculum provides many opportunities for spiritual growth. In addition, it includes a wide variety of activities aimed at getting teens out of their comfort zones and developing practical life skills.


Class Lectures

Monday through Friday, outstanding instructors will teach three 50 minute classes a day geared at topics that concern teens today. Majority of the lectures will be in English.


There is no better way to start the day than with chapel. Every morning, time is dedicated for worship, prayer, and encouraging testimonies.

Group Presentation

The class is divided into small groups and assigned a topic for their presentation. The last week of class, each group presents their topic using specific guidelines and creative methods with each student taking an active role in participation.

Counselor Hour

Throughout the week, discussion sessions are held with each counselor and their group. During this time, counselors connect with each teen on a personal level by answering questions that trouble them and investing in each of their lives.


All students partake in choir and attend weekly rehearsals where they are exposed to music appreciation and vocal training. The choir participates in local church events and graduation ceremony.

Drama Club

This class is unique because it enables students to express themselves in a different way. Important skills are taught through public speaking and sharing Biblical concepts during theatrical performance.

Team Building

These classes are filled with activities and games that teach teamwork and encourage everyone to work together.

Etiquette Classes

During these sessions, proper etiquette is taught with special concentrations for guys and girls. The instructor also elaborates on the men’s and women’s role in society using Biblical perspectives.

International Culture Classes

In this class, a new nationality is discussed at each session. Students have the opportunity to learn in-depth about cultures such as Jewish, Slavic, and French through their history, language, national costumes and even taste some of the features of their cuisine.

Community Outreach

Sharing the Gospel is not always an easy task especially for teenagers. With this in mind, we developed a class that presents methods and techniques for sharing the Gospel with people on the street.

Design Class

During this class, students are presented with basic elements of design. Their challenge is to create a unique layout for the TBS class t-shirt.


This is a weekend activity where everyone gets a chance to play sports, work together, and enjoy the outdoors.



Each girl has the opportunity to take part in a hands on cooking class. With an experienced cook as their guide, girls learn to make certain dishes and desserts from scratch.

Hair Design

This class is taught by stylists who will demonstrate the basic principles and techniques of hair design such as braiding, curling, and styling.


Another creative hands on activity is the crafts class where girls are given the opportunity to create purses, shirts, cards, and much more under the instruction of an experienced designer.

Event Decor

Girls are also involved in event decoration and taught how to make centerpieces, place settings, table covers and other details of decorating. They then stage an event for their counselors as a way to show their ability and appreciation.



In this practical and hands on course, guys are taught basic woodworking skills and proper use of power tools.


This class is not an ordinary experience. The instructor demonstrates basic survival skills by going out to a nearby forest and teaching how to start a fire, recognize poisonous plants, build shelters, and keep warm. Teamwork is also emphasised as tasks are accomplished.


In this class, guys are given an opportunity to work on an actual car. They replace tires, car parts, change oil, paint, and are given the thrill to drive stick shift.


Fishing is a great activity that can be done at any age. Fishing takes little time and practice. Our team teaches students about fishing techniques through hands on experiences. The Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier is a great accessible spot for fishing, where the fishing license is included in the admission.

About TBS

The vision of Teens Bible School is to reach out to this generation and assist them in expanding their fundamental Biblical knowledge and building up their faith.


Many people wonder how a ministry such as TBS can sustain itself.