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Student life is an unforgettable time! We would like for you to feel welcome and comfortable in a new city, state, church and living arrangement.


TBS rents houses that are used as dorms where a groups of students live together along with their counselors. The houses are specially prepared, furnished, and equipped to ensure a comfortable living experience. There will be separate housing arrangements for the boys and the girls. Counselors will be always available to provide assistance with washing clothes, cooking, and any other basic needs.

Also, you may be placed in a host family with one other student where you will be given a room (a host family is Christian family from our local church). You may provide us with a preference, but ultimately your placement will be determined by the administration. Upon your arrival, your lodging info including the address and roommate(s) will be provided


As the students arrive, their counselors take full responsibility to provide transportation to all needed destinations including class, activities, church, and stores. Pick up and drop off to the airport will also be provided.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for each student at school during the week. Food will also be available at the dorm houses on weekends.

About TBS

The vision of Teens Bible School is to reach out to this generation and assist them in expanding their fundamental Biblical knowledge and building up their faith.


Many people wonder how a ministry such as TBS can sustain itself.