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TBS Experience!

Daniil Markin

Denver, Colorado

TBS Student 2013

I can honestly say TBS was a very life-impacting experience, and so this one month managed to become the best month of my life. I’ve joined a family that I will never forget and have developed a relationship with God that will only grow stronger. One main thing that I noticed about TBS was that it is united! Unity brought out my personality and I got to know who I really am. It also brought all of us students together but not just towards one another but towards God; it’s like a three way relationship that ended up being an unbreakable bond. The most important thing to note is that TBS brought me closer to God and made me realize that we were created by Him just to have Him love us. If you’re planning to go to TBS or even thinking about it, don’t think too long on it but ask yourself an important question: do you want to make your summer memorable? There’s so much more but I can’t tell you all of it because that will just ruin all the fun for you! Remember, you’re only given one life on earth, make the best of it! Do something you wouldn't usually do. It might be scary to think about coming to TBS, but when you have to leave, the only thing you want to do is stay. Trust me, I know! Remember: nothing to lose, everything to gain. TBS, thank you for all you’ve done over that one month in my life. May God bless those who read this and all of TBS! Be blessed!

Alina Dyachenko

North Port, Florida

TBS Administrator

Teens Bible School, these three words together alone bring many questions to mind; teens in this generation? … going to Bible school? ...what would they do there?

My name is Alina and 2013 was my second year on the administrative team at Teens Bible School. It takes months to prepare the curriculum and activities for the hundred teens, yet they are here for just one month and leave; however, it’s always worth it. They come here with so many questions, seeking for someone to be able to listen to them and give them answers without judging them. They want to be acknowledged as adults, because they are not children anymore. Many of them come here searching for something that will fill a void that they didn’t even realize they had, and this becomes an opportunity to show them that Jesus Christ can make them whole.

Something that stood out to me more than ever this year is that many of them hide behind this mask of apathy, when in fact they are really anxious to be involved. They want to be a part of something great but they need to be given that chance. When they are given the opportunity, they can preach, say testimonies and even lead worship and service. The responsibility lies upon our shoulders to help them grow in their spiritual walk, not just by telling them what they need to do but by giving them the chance to actually take part in it.

About TBS

The vision of Teens Bible School is to reach out to this generation and assist them in expanding their fundamental Biblical knowledge and building up their faith.


Many people wonder how a ministry such as TBS can sustain itself.