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TBS students not only have classroom experiences, but every week throughout the semester they go on exciting field trips. These unforgettable journeys on a charter bus provide both educational and entertaining experience. Below is a list of places that students have went to.

Sight and Sound Theater (Lancaster, PA)

The Sight and Sound Theater is an exciting way to see a Bible story come to life. Students have the opportunity to experience the amazing performance filled with colorful costumes and professional actors. This captivating show leaves a lifelong memory.

White Water Rafting (Ocoee, Tennessee)

This trip includes rafting and sightseeing through the beautiful rivers and mountains of Tennessee. This is an exhilarating and breathtaking experience that is often rated as the group’s favorite.

Six Flags (Atlanta, GA)

This is an amusement park where screams of excitement can be heard from every corner. It’s a place where teens can get their energy out and experience rollercoasters like no where else in the U.S. At the end of the day, everyone has a blast and no one wants to leave.

Ginnie Springs (High Springs, Florida) & Ichetucknee Springs (Fort White, Florida)

Here teens get a chance to swim, snorkel, and tube down rivers and bends of the beautiful Florida springs where a spectacular underwater world opens up with huge grottos and colorful fish. The group also enjoys sports, games, barbeque, and fellowship.

Ice Skating (Jacksonville, FL)

With Florida being so warm, it’s always nice to get a little ice into the picture. Teens have the opportunity to go ice skating; a great place to cool off and enjoy each other’s company.

St. Augustine Bike Ride (St. Augustine, FL)

St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in the US and was the first European Settlement. Today, it is a tourist attraction with many shops, museums, historic buildings, and scenery. Teens ride bikes through this enchanting town.

Beach (Jacksonville, FL)

Everyone’s dream is to swim in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the sun, water, and sand of the local beach.

Holy Land Experience (Orlando, FL)

The Holy Land Experience is a must see for every Christian and is a very unique way to interact with the Bible. Students have the chance to hear, see, and even taste how everything was 2000 years ago. This ancient atmosphere allows to better understand the Old and the New Testaments.

* Field trip locations are chosen based on age group and availability of tickets.

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